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Kurumsal ve Serbest Çalışma
Corporate and Freelance

The common phrase “Freelance” is a pleasant way to work with. If you have a home office that you like to organize, it can be more enjoyable.

Now it is necessary to say “home-office“, right?
I would like to share my experience with you as a freelancer for years. If we don’t consider my short-term mistakes I have worked freelancer between 1998-2006 and it was really pleased. So why did I give up? It sounds like a joke I know but I started to have too much free time. I was get angry to the movie theatre because they bring new movies once a week. They all finished in three days. Than I had to wait new once. I had to think about what to eat for breakfast every morning and where to drink my coffee. In the day time everyone I know was working and I couldn’t enjoy my shisha alone. I couldn’t get any interesting projects, always same things, my clients works was easy peasy and I could do all at the night time. Well, what could I do all day? If you worked as a freelancer for eight years you started to ask such questions to yourself. At least I have started. Yes, finally I mingled freely with the crowd. I have worked as shift worker for three years. I haven’t get bored yet. Only thing I missed is reading books whenever I want. Also, long breakfast. I said only one thing but when I have started to think I realize there are more than one thing. Other than these two things I missed to say ‘’go away!’’ to silly customers or workers. Though it can be done politely now if it is necessary too much, but it is not formed by amusing laughing by the work which alone gives.

If you decided to work freelancer or started to think about that I suggest you to start immediately. If you are freelancer worker already I suggest you to keep going until you will get bored. If you are working in cyber world so it means we are on the same side, send me some of your jobs with your contact information. We don’t know when a job going to happen.

Assume that you are still shift worker and getting trouble to decide. Let me make the job easier for you. Are you having trouble to go to work in the morning? Did you started to skip job some days? Do you count minutes until rush hour? Do you have headache and stomachache? Do you think everyone in your workplace is miserable? If you have yes answer mostly don’t got ot work tomorrow. I started my free-life like that. I never forget it was Wednesday, one week before my paycheck. I was in a hurry to finish my breakfast and arrive office somewhere around Üsküdar. My breakfast got longer and the view was great. Suddenly I remember office and I realize I couldn’t enjoy what I eat. Even for quick breakfast I have non-delicious cheesy pastry, I was looking at my watch all the time. I would go to work. For what? Until now I assume that you are single and not responsible to take care anyone. If you are not like that I really have no idea what you should do actually. On the other hand if I were in your shoes I wouldn’t go to work anyway. Yes I haven’t gone to work that day. And also the other days. I haven’t answered my calls, I read books all days. They didn’t do my salary payment normally. I didn’t care. Actually I had a little bit trouble in that time but believe me it worth. It didn’t take so much time for me to find some little jobs and I have started to work from home. It was great feeling, you have timing, your work planning, no one in charge… troubles are yours also all incomes too :) Of course there are good sides and bad sides but the important thing is to decide and start from some point. I will continue to write about that subject. What should you do, what should you pay attention to, how do you give offers, how do you secure your work, how to solve problems, etc. I will explain you as much as I can. I hope they being handful for someone…

By Tevfik Erkan Şahan

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