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Kurumsal ve Serbest Çalışma

Corporate and Freelance

The common phrase “Freelance” is a pleasant way to work with. If you have a home office that you like to organize, it can be more enjoyable.

Now it is necessary to say “home-office“, right?
I would like to share my experience with you as a freelancer for years. If we don’t consider my short-term mistakes I have worked freelancer between 1998-2006 and it was really pleased. So why did I give up? It sounds like a joke I know but I started to have too much free time. I was get angry to the movie theatre because they bring new movies once a week. They all finished in three days. Than I had to wait new once. I had to think about what to eat for breakfast every morning and where to drink my coffee. In the day time everyone I know was working and I couldn’t enjoy my shisha alone. Read more




It is a program that makes my job very easy in project management. I appreciate and like it.You can find 0.7 version free and in Turkish. I haven’t started to use new paid version. I could do everything with free version. It is ideal and cheap solution for small projects. You only need to have a good paid area with PHP 5 and MySql support. It only works from internet and programme set up is easy. I suggest you to use old version for a while before you paid for a new version. Read more