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Wasting Time in Meetings?

Wasting Time in Meetings?

I appreciate people in front of me at some meetings. Prepared, also they know the agenda! We just didn’t gather for tea or coffee. They even have a written document. They put it in front of us. On the one hand, they explain all the details. We all take notes. Some of us use technological toys for notes. I’m scratching my huge paper or making use of the benefits of technology…

I’m happy when the notes are shared after the meeting. In fact, a detailed request in the notes is coming. It’s supposed to make ten percent off the budget. It is run with these people!

Another friend sees notes as a waste of time. And it is not a failure. Processes are processed even if they do not take notes. My work is not a discount on the type of people I desire to do. We’re all different. We do business and live with our preferences. From time to time, our evaluations differ. The meeting I call empty is nice to someone else. I’m not saying it’s okay. However, if I write a pumpkin poem to the meeting note of the vacancies, no one caree about it.

I admire people who succeed without writing. But they are very few numbers and they can use assistants to take notes. Now you’re not one of these, take the note, lovely brother.  If the customer finds a short cut they becomes both cheeky and inflexible.

Make a note of it. Don’t talk empty. Time is precious. Writing is important for our civilization. That’s how we came today. Through the article that took a lot of humanity. Write, read. Find out if you can’t.

In the following days, I will share the example of aggregation.


Kurumsal ve Serbest Çalışma

Corporate and Freelance

The common phrase “Freelance” is a pleasant way to work with. If you have a home office that you like to organize, it can be more enjoyable.

Now it is necessary to say “home-office“, right?
I would like to share my experience with you as a freelancer for years. If we don’t consider my short-term mistakes I have worked freelancer between 1998-2006 and it was really pleased. So why did I give up? It sounds like a joke I know but I started to have too much free time. I was get angry to the movie theatre because they bring new movies once a week. They all finished in three days. Than I had to wait new once. I had to think about what to eat for breakfast every morning and where to drink my coffee. In the day time everyone I know was working and I couldn’t enjoy my shisha alone. Read more




It is a program that makes my job very easy in project management. I appreciate and like it.You can find 0.7 version free and in Turkish. I haven’t started to use new paid version. I could do everything with free version. It is ideal and cheap solution for small projects. You only need to have a good paid area with PHP 5 and MySql support. It only works from internet and programme set up is easy. I suggest you to use old version for a while before you paid for a new version. Read more