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It is a program that makes my job very easy in project management. I appreciate and like it.You can find 0.7 version free and in Turkish. I haven’t started to use new paid version. I could do everything with free version. It is ideal and cheap solution for small projects. You only need to have a good paid area with PHP 5 and MySql support. It only works from internet and programme set up is easy. I suggest you to use old version for a while before you paid for a new version. It will take a little time for you and your co-workers to start using this kind of software. If there are more sophisticated software you already use, it will be useful to browse as an alternative. If you are working via e-mails and papers without any software support it will be a good application for you to start with. Even if I decided to use this kind of system on purpose believe me it was hard for me to change my habbits for a while. Time to time I thought why I am using this system instead of talking or sending a short e-mail to explain what I want… Actually the reality is different. When you return to a project over a year past, your mental health will begin to deteriorate if there is nothing in your hands other than the correspondence that remains as a pleasant reminder. :) It saved me a lot of time to use it for several works in last three years. I wrote everything on the system without hesitation, and I conveyed all the necessary unnecessary information. As a result, even if a job is three years ago, I can get the necessary information instantaneously. I do not have to look for correspondence in Outlook for hours to take advantage of the old experiences as if we had done a similar project.

So what is this activeCollab?
A simple project management system that keeps track of your correspondence, enables you to define tasks and tasks, and keeps track of your schedule for you. It is not fair to say simple for new and paid version. It will be able to compete with many competitors’ software and it will be the reason for preference in some issues. More specifically, let’s say we have a new website on the agenda. Let’s make a name in the project immediately. Hıdıl and Sons Barbecue Trade Corporation Institutive Web Site
They have several types of barbecues, is that all? Fire irons, grilles, copper objects… Come on! Present the company and the articles at the same time :) You arrange the timing but how many people will work on it. Flash, HTML, ASP, SQL, texts, graphs all together are five siz people. Who is going to do what and when? Well, is everything ready to start :)

Assume that you prepared timetable. The milestones of the project have been identified. We immediately describe our milestones to our system with history information. We enter all files in the system with descriptive information. Do not hurry. Detailed information will save time and cash. If it’s determined who is going to do it, let’s start distributing tasks. Do not panic, assign the necessary people to the system through the system. Do messaging through the system. After that it is easy… activeCollab will remind all of us what we need, and we will be notified by e-mail. It will keep the answers for the questions where we asked when we do not understand. It would be on the system that someone was curious about what products were available. We will all know if Hıdıl and sons want to change anything. If one of these sons is involved in the system and if it is a smart young man, it would be great. It would be end for saying; you said this, he said that, where are these, I haven’t informed about that… He will offer blessings for those who want to do business :) Is not it possible that I can not answer the questions that I am writing about the problems caused by such a simple project? Now there is one solution for this :) I am like an unpaid salesman :) if you are so curious you can investigate for the further information. We are selling happiness :)
You can check the web sites below :) even you can set up to see what will happen.

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